Kory Montgomery - Name Song | MAPS-102-DS

Kory Montgomery - Name Song | Digital Single
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Release Date:

Controlled Composition: AFA Publishing

Musical Style: Acousmatic music, Blues, Americana, Rock & Roll

Musical Influences: Wood Brothers, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell

Musical Inspiration: ALOE BLACK - chunking feel that keeps driving. Sitting on a porch in idaho, brought to friends for team writing.

Lyrical Inspiration: 

Artist Statement:

Track Description: “Name Song” by Vail, Colorado resident Kory Montgomery is an introspective song that lends itself to the thought process behind writing music. The light, soulful melody takes listeners through their own ideas while also pushing the thought of how and why any given song could be written on any given day about anyone. For someone experimenting with lyrics of their own or curious about the mind of a songwriter, “Name Song” gives a "forest from the trees" look at the process while tickling the brain with its blissful vocal harmony and warm guitar tones.

Produced by Lee Popa

Kory Montgomery - Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Mark Levy - Drums
Kramer Kelling - Bass
Joey Porter - Keyboards
Shawn Eckels - Guitar

Tracking Engineer - Taylor Hines
Shakedown Bar - Vail

Mixing Engineer - Taylor Hines, Lee Popa
Shakedown Bar - Vail

Mastering Engineer - Taylor Hines
Shakedown Bar - Vail

UPC: 196863296510
Territory: Worldwide
Genre: Rock - Blues - Americana

3000x3000 @ 300dpi
3min 52sec
1 track
3min 52sec
1 track
3min 52sec
1 track