Omar Coleman - Strange Times | CRED-269-Digital Single

Omar Coleman - Strange Times | Digital Single
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Release Date:

Controlled Composition: AFA Publishing

Musical Style: Blues, Soul, Soul blues

Musical Influences: Charles Bradley, Sam Cooke, Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Ov Wright, Al Green

Musical Inspiration: 

Artist Statement: 

Track Description: “Stange Times” is a reflection of initial conversations Omar Coleman had with Eddie Roberts during Coleman’s 2020 sessions at Color Red Studios (Denver, CO) testifying the bizarre state of America amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The exchange kept running back to the strange times that they were living in and Coleman took the stanza and ran with it. He immediately compiled lyrics he scribbled out on pieces of paper and knocked out lyrics from start to finish. Roberts approached the album combining classic blues with funkier blues and captured the rawness and immediacy of the music by recording through tape on Color Red Studios’ Tascam 388. “I hear Omar’s voice as a cross between Muddy Waters and Charles Bradley,” he states, “I tried to reflect those qualities in music approach and songwriting as well as the way we recorded the album and built the instrumentation of the tracks.” Joining Coleman and Roberts on “Strange Times” are Dan Africano (Ghost Light) on bass, Chris Spies (Matador! Soul Sounds) on keyboards and organ, Carl Sorenson (Dragondeer) on drums, Eric Bloom (Lettuce) on trumpet, Nick Gerlach (Michal Menert) on saxophone, Adrienne Short on viola and Kari Clifton on violin. ‘Eddie Roberts presents Omar Coleman: Strange Times’ comes out in summer 2021.

Producer - Eddie Roberts

Omar Coleman - Vocals, Harmonica
Eddie Roberts - Guitar
Dan Africano - Bass
Chris Spies - Electric Organ, Keyboards
Carl Sorensen - Drums
Eric Bloom - Trumpet
Nick Gerlach - Saxophone
Adrienne Short - Viola
Kari Clifton - Violin

Tracking Engineer - Eddie Roberts, William Umphrey
Color Red Studios - Denver

Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios - Denver

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

UPC: 195939267409
Territory: Worldwide
Genre: Blues - Soul - Funk

3000x3000 @ 300dpi
4min 22sec
1 track
4min 22sec
1 track
4min 22sec
1 track
4min 22sec
1 track
4min 22sec
1 track
1 track